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  • A Multitude of Climates and Scenic Opportunities Await Hikers in Crimea

    Avid hikers find their own personal Mecca in the Crimean region of Ukraine. The majority of hikers choose the mountainous part of Crimea south of the city of Simferopol, the rest of the ...

  • Explore the Village of Sulymivka

    Located along the left bank of the Stara Krasylivka River in the Boryspil Region of Ukraine, the picturesque village of Sulymivka was founded in the late 1620s by Ivan Sulyma, the head of ...

  • Latin Cathedral in Lviv

    Located in the Old Town of Lviv is an attraction that is of great historical significance and is still in use today. The Latin Cathedral, or Archcathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the ...

  • Ukraine’s Pagan History

    Ukrainians hedge their bets in many areas including religion. With a history wrought with political turbulence and violence the notion that Ukrainians hold on to old folktale beliefs as well as ...

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What to See

  • Regions

    Donetsk Oblast

    The Donets'k Oblast or Region was established in the southeastern parts of Ukraine on July 17, 1932. The Donets'k Region is 26.5 thousand square km making it one of the largest Oblasts in the country. This region has five million inhabitants and is home to all the important industrial companies. In 1970 UNESCO acknowledged Donets'k as one of the cleanest industrial regions throughout the ...

  • Museums

    Museum of Theater

    Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is famous for the immense number of cultural activities it has available, making it literally the cultural center of the country. You will find over sixty different museums, a variety of art galleries and other historical and cultural sites and buildings in this city. Through the decades Ukraine has become increasingly more recognized for its artists and art ...

  • Community


    I am having trouble logging in to Club Ukraine. What is the problem? You must be a member before you can log into Club Ukraine. If you have not registered to join Club Ukraine click here. E-mail accounts are not part of the Club. Even if you have a free e-mail account you must register for Club Ukraine separately. You will get a different user name and password to log into the Club ...

  • Regions

    Cherkasy Oblast

    The Cherkasy or Cherkassy Oblast lies in the center of Ukraine and borders four regions, which includes Poltava, Kiev, Kirovograd and Vinnytsa. The Cherkasy region is ranked the eighteenth largest oblast in Ukraine, covering 20,900 square kilometers. Smila, Kaniv, Vatutine and Zolotonosha are some of the cities found in Cherkasy, most of which are densely populated.

  • Places of Interest

    Vidubitsky Monastery

    The Botanical Garden of the Ukraine Academy of Science is home to thousands of different plant and tree species, a landscape filled with beauty and magic. But, amongst the daydreams of fairies and elves which you half expect to see between the rows of rose bushes or hiding underneath the fern leaves, looms the walls of the Vidubitsky Monastery. The Vidubitsky Monastery in Kiev brings a touch ...

  • National Parks and Reserves

    Cape Martyan Reserve

    There are few coastal nature reserves in Ukraine which hold greater value than the Cape Martyan Reserve. Situated near the city of Yalta, this valuable reserve was established in 1973 and encompasses some 240 hectares of land. This vast natural area falls under the authority of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences. It is also situated near the Nikita Botanical Gardens, which is where ...

  • Rivne Oblast


    Rivne, also called Rovno, has a population of over 250,000 people, it is a provincial city and is also the capital of the Rivne Region of Ukraine. The city was founded in 1283 and was known as a town of the "Halytsia-Volyn" Principality. The town was named this because of its position on the plane surface. It became a Polish town, after the Liublin Union of 1569. It was united with ...

  • Sumy Oblast


    If you travel to the Sumy Oblast in Ukraine, you will discover an interesting city by the name of Konotop. The city is located approximately 130 kilometers away from the region’s capital, Sumy, and can be found at the center of the Konotop ‘Raion’ or district. While many cities in Ukraine are quite modern, Konotop is somewhat older – having first been established at a time when people still ...


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