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  • Discover Cycling in Ukraine

    In Ukraine, cycling has always been a popular form of transport, especially in the smaller villages and rural areas. Visitors often turn to cycling as a mode of exploration and discovery, ...

  • Ukraine to Join Poland in Hosting Euro 2012

    The 2012 UEFA European Football Championships is to be hosted jointly by Poland and Ukraine in the summer of 2012. This will be the 14th UEFA-sanctioned European Championship, which sees ...

  • Забудова території Жовтневої лікарні під питанням

    Столична влада має намір оскаржувати рішення суду, яке дозволяє забудову паркової зони на території, яка належить лікарні

  • Freedom Square in Kharkiv

    Kharkiv is the administrative capital of the Kharkiv Oblast and is Ukraine’s second largest city. It is a very historical city, as it was the country’s first city that was proclaimed to be ...

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What to See

  • Museums

    Great Patriotic War

    On the 2nd of June 1942 a commission created by the Communist Party of Belarus was instituted. Their responsibility was the collection of timeless memories dedicated to the Great Patriotic War which demonstrate the strength and great courage of the Belarusian people.

  • Chernihiv Oblast

    Novhorod Siversky

    On the banks of the Desna River, lies the small town of Novhorod Siversky. It was first mentioned in ancient documents from the year 1044 and has not grown much since then, with a population of approximately 15,000 residents. Novhorod Siversky is located in the Chernihiv Oblast and has a history that is both colorful and turbulent. Visitors to this picturesque little town will not ...

  • Culture

    Wedding Customs

    Traditional Ukrainian wedding customs are made up of various ceremonial stages sealing the union of the groom and bride. Younger generations are in some cases following Western wedding customs, however, those from more traditional families or couples in villages still observe the wedding customs of Ukraine. A wedding in Ukraine is a solemn occasion involving important religious rituals, but ...

  • Attractions


    When one thinks of Ukraine, wildlife does not necessarily spring to mind as it would when thinking about a country such as South Africa. However, Ukraine has a number of protected areas and National Parks all aimed at preserving its natural splendors. Ukraine has quite a diverse landscape providing a number of habitats for a variety of species. Wildlife in Ukraine is certainly not scarce. ...

  • Attractions

    Restaurant guide

    Take a break from exploring Ukraine's stunning attractions and fill up at one of the spectacular restaurants on offer. There is a wide variety of cuisine and restaurants in Ukraine offering delicious meals, refreshing drinks and excellent service. Tempt your taste buds with the unique flavors of traditional Ukrainian food or try something international at an Italian, Chinese, American, Irish ...

  • National Parks and Reserves

    Kanivs’kyi Reserve

    In 1968 the renowned Kanivs’sky Reserve was established and formed with its beautiful and varied landscapes on the right side of the gracious Dnieper River which lies in the Cherkasy region within Ukraine.

  • Zakarpattya Oblast


    Mukachevo is a city located in the Zakarpattya Oblast, which can be found in the western parts of Ukraine. Mukachevo is situated in the valley where the Liatorytsia River flows and has been marked as part of the Ramsar list of 'Wetlands of International Importance'. The city of Mukachevo acts as the administrative center of the Mukachivskyi District and is recognized as separate district ...

  • Regions

    Cherkasy Oblast

    The Cherkasy or Cherkassy Oblast lies in the center of Ukraine and borders four regions, which includes Poltava, Kiev, Kirovograd and Vinnytsa. The Cherkasy region is ranked the eighteenth largest oblast in Ukraine, covering 20,900 square kilometers. Smila, Kaniv, Vatutine and Zolotonosha are some of the cities found in Cherkasy, most of which are densely populated.


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