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  • Towering over the City of Kiev

    Nicknamed the Iron Maiden, Brezhnev’s mother, and Mother Motherland, an angry goddess dominates the skies above the Dnieper River in Kiev. Weighing 1,000 tons, 15 times the weight of Lady ...

  • Кшиштоф Зануссі знімє кіно з Богданом Ступкою у головній ролі

    Українська кінокомпанія Sota Cinema Group та польська «Студія документальних і художніх фільмів» вже розпочали зйомки українсько-польського фільму всесвітньо відомого режисера Кшиштофа Зануссі ...

  • Право на ім’я

    На початку цього місяця мешканець Харкова Александр Смірнов відстояв в суді право бути записаним в паспорті як «Александр», а не «Олександр». Таке рішення було прийнято Дзержинським судом міста. ...

  • У Карпати привезуть зубрів з Європи

    У лісах Львівщини невдовзі побільшає зубрів, їх привезуть з Голландії, Польщі та Словаччини. На території області ці велетні живуть лише у Сколівських бескидах та у господарстві Стир. Як ...

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What to See

  • Castles

    Bakhchisaray Palace

    Palaces have always been of enormous fascination to people all around the world. Through the decades of man's civilization the interest in palaces has not changed. Let us take a guided tour through one of the most charming palaces in the world - Bakhchisaray Palace in Crimea, Ukraine.

  • National Parks and Reserves

    Karadag Reserve

    The Karadag Reserve lies amid two cities known as Feodosia and Sudak, which are situated on a piece of the Crimean peninsula on the south-east coast. It is here that a breathtaking abundance of unique and historical geology can be found in the only solitary rocky shoreline massif of the Jurassic period, of about 150 – 160 million years old, in all of Europe. Not forgetting the variety of ...

  • Kharkiv Oblast


    The town of Izyum, or Izium, is located to the southeastern side of the Kharkiv Oblast, on the banks of the Isiumets and Siverskyi Donets Rivers. As with most of the towns in the Kharkiv Region, Izyum was utilized as a fortification during the 16th century. Due to its location on the rivers, its name adequately derives from a word that means "crossing place" or "ferry", namely ...

  • Places of Interest

    Potemkin Steps

    The Potemkin Steps are a reminder of the legendary tale of a battle that took place between the loyal armed forces of the Czar and the mutiny sailors in 1905. To understand why, we need to look a little closer from one of the perspectives. This would begin with the living conditions on board the ‘Potemkin’.

  • Mykolayiv Oblast


    The city of Voznesensk (or Wosnessensk) is situated in the Mykolaiv Oblast, which is located in the southern regions of Ukraine. Jewish settlers first founded Voznesensk in the 19th century. These Jewish settlers had migrated all the way from the northwestern parts of Russia into their neighboring country, Ukraine. At that time thousands of Jews were leaving Russia and heading to the "New ...

  • Zakarpattya Oblast


    The city of Vynohradiv can be found in the province of Zakarpattya, situated in the western parts of Ukraine. Vynohradiv borders Romania and is located near to the river Tisza, which flows down from the Carpathian Mountains.

  • Cherkasy Oblast


    Ukraine is a country long famous for its love of the natural world. This is evident by their rich beautiful land, which they are very proud to show off. Ukraine, a nation of 52 million people, has an ancient history dating from the Scythians. Christianity was embraced in Kiev in 988 A.D., almost 300 years before the city of Moscow in Russia was founded. Since 1991, Ukraine has moved from ...

  • Crimea Region


    The ancient city of Evpatoria or Eupatoria has gone through many name changes over the centuries and has been called Gizlyar, Yevpatoria and Kirkinitida, to mention just a few. Evpatoria, the name of the city today, came from the King of Pontus' nickname, Eupator. The city is located in the Crimea region of Ukraine, and has been around for over 2500 years and the landscape is made up mainly ...


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