Kupyansk – Marvel at the Palace of Culture and Kivsharivka Village

The town of Kupyansk was first known as Sloboda Kupyansk, which was founded in the year 1655. It was a free settlement until the year 1685, when it received "town" status. It would take another few years before it fell under the Kharkiv oblast, but it was finally recognized as part of the region in 1797. As it is located within the Kharkiv Region, the town of Kupyansk is surrounded by unmistakable beauty and many wildlife attractions.

Kupyansk has grown to be a thriving industrial town with approximately 33 000 local residents living and working in the town. In 2005, the
Kupyansk council started to put in place a strategic plan to enhance the
growth of the industries, businesses and the economy of the town. The main
industries that are currently active in Kupyansk are involved in the production of cereal, grain, vegetable oil, wicker products, sugar, engineering and food
products. The headquarters for one of Ukraine’s largest fish companies,
Ukrainian Eastern Fish Company, is also located here. They concentrate
mainly on the import of fish, processing and retail trade.

The town also has municipal libraries, gymnasiums, hospitals, swimming
pools, museums and recreational parks. They are well prepared when it comes
to the education of their youth with facilities such as vocational schools,
music schools, driving schools, sports schools, pre-schools, general schools
and a night school. For orphans suffering from disabilities, Kupyansk has
made provision for them by erecting a boarding school.

For its size, Kupyansk is a town that still amazes visitors. It has the
quiet atmosphere of a forgotten little village; the progressiveness and
facilities of a bustling city; together with the beauty and attractions of a
regular tourist attraction. Sights such as the House of Culture, the Yacht
Club, Palace of Culture and the Kivsharivka Village should be visited while
in Kupyansk.

As one of the main railway junctions in the Kharkiv Region, visitors can
travel to Kupyansk by train. The town is surrounded by beautiful natural
vegetation that distinguishes the region. There are various reserves and
sanctuaries that are located nearby and here visitors will be able to enjoy
the fresh air and the spectacular landscape and wildlife of this region.

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