Koziatyn – Home to Artist Serhiv Karpenko

The city of Koziatyn is a relatively small city, with a mere population of approximately 26 000 residents. It is located in the Vinnytsya Oblast of Ukraine, which is almost 150 kilometers away from Kiev. It is also an administrative center and has a designated district within the Vinnytsya oblast. The capital city of the region is Vinnytsya and is approximately 70 kilometers from Koziatyn.

With the construction of the Kiev-Baltic railway lines, the city of Koziatyn was established. On 7 July 1874 it came under the rule of the Berdichev region.
The Battle of Kozaityn took place between the dates 25 to 27 April 1920. It
was the days of the Polish-Soviet War and the Polish Army pulled off a
creative maneuver that is still studied today. They managed to disrupt the
Soviet Forces, capture the town of Korosten and cut off the Red Army’s
supply route by taking over the railway station at Korosten. The Red Army
did not only suffer losses in regard to supplies, but had approximately 8
000 of their soldiers captured as prisoners of war. Kiev was soon claimed by
the Polish Army and their execution of these feats were truly amazing, as
tanks were not used in this war. The city of Koziatyn became a center
district in the year 1923, and was made to form part of the Vinnytsya Region
shortly thereafter.

The thriving city of Koziatyn now concentrates on its economy with
privately owned enterprises and a stable industrial sector. The railway is a
great influence on the income of the city as it is not only used for
passenger transport, but for the transportation of their food products that
come from various factories, such as their meat processing plant.

One of the biggest names to come out of Koziatyn is Serhiv Karpenko. He
was born in the city in the year 1965 and has become a unique artist. His
works are carved from wood and his timeless pieces are magnificently
detailed and intricate. Koziatyn might have been created due to a railway or
been witness to one of the most prolific battles of the war, but it has
grown to be strong and can hold its own amongst the other cities of the
Vinnytsya Region.

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