Skiing Adventures – Discover resorts such as Dragobrat and Slavsko

If you consider yourself an avid skier or just an amateur and you are wondering where to go on your upcoming winter break, look no further then the beautiful country of Ukraine. With its amazing backdrops surrounded by majestic mountains and friendly local people all ready to help you create unforgettable memories, snow skiing in Ukraine is not to be missed.

Unlike most skiing countries, Ukraine is still relatively unknown in the international arena; however, the ski industry is beginning to make a rapid impression as it develops at an extraordinary pace. Nevertheless, there is a great advantage in its relative unfamiliarity as general prices are still regarded quite low in comparison to European standards. This of course affects all areas, from rental of equipment to lift passes, regardless of the standard of accommodation you choose.

With this said, there are a wide variety of unique ski resorts in Ukraine to choose from, each with their own personal character and specialties, guaranteed to cater to your every whim and fancy. Some general examples range from the more prominent Dragobrat, which is regarded highly within Ukraine, to Bukovel, renowned for its excellent European facilities. On the other hand, Slavsko is very well priced with an abundance of small ski areas surrounded by quaint villages and towns, practically untouched by modern civilization.

Nevertheless, should you find these choices all too much for you then the Carpathian ski resorts will be of great interest, as they are considered to be the overall best in Ukraine.

There are two distinct seasons for skiing in Ukraine, each with their pros and cons, thus spending some time investigating this will make your stay most fulfilling and enjoyable. The main ski season begins during January, ending in early March. During this period there is a substantial amount of lift lines at all resorts throughout the week with shorter lines provided for the weekend. Out of this season many of the ski resorts in Ukraine are closed, with only Dragobrat, Mt.Trostyan, Bukovel and Slayske remaining open for skiers from early December through to April.

All in all, should you wish to design your own personal ski trip in Ukraine or go through an established travel agency, you are certain to take great pleasure in the rustic charm of Ukraine and its unique ski resorts.

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