National Parks and Reserves in Ukraine

Ukraine has a great diversity of natural landscapes and wildlife. For this reason areas of Ukraine have been declared protected areas, nature reserves and National parks. National Parks in Ukraine are vital for preserving large natural areas and provide the country with great opportunities to develop ecotourism. All Ukrainian national parks are different but once you see them you will fall in love.

Carpathian National Park


We can talk endlessly about the uniqueness of this region. Here you may find archaeological sites that are 15 thousand years old, wooden monuments of folk culture and architecture of the XVI-XIX centuries. Among natural objects, the most famous is Rudyak bog with small cranberries and other rare plants. Moreover, the Kedruvate tract is the only place where cedar pine grows.

Many tourists are fascinated by Dovbush rock while in Yaremche there is an amazing waterfall “Prybiy”, which falls from a height of 12 m and there are large stones in the background.

All this creates an extremely majestic landscape of Carpathian beauty.

Shatskyi National Park


This Ukrainian National Park was created in 1983. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve in the year 2002. Within the borders of the park, there are 23 lakes, the largest is Svityaz (deepest and biggest in Ukraine). The lake is famous for the amazing clarity of the water, the healing properties of swamps and incredibly beautiful landscapes. Therefore, it is a favorite vacation spot not only for Ukrainians but also for Belarusians and Russians.

There are pine forests arounf the lakes, home to 61 Red List species both of fauna and flora. Forests in the Shatsk Nature Park cover more than 51% of the territory. They fill the surrounding air with a pleasant smell of pine needles.

National Park “Synevyr”


It is a majestic mountain range nowadays, however in the past, there was the seabed. There are swamps with a spherical surface in the park. The lake Synevyr itself is considered the most valuable natural treasure of the national park and is the visiting card of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Also in the park, you may see the Museum of Forest and Rafting, and it is the only museum in Europe, where the ancient tools of work of lumberjacks and raftsmen are exhibited.

National Park “Oleshkovsky Sands”


“Oleshkovsky Sands” is the largest sand massif in Europe. This is a real Ukrainian desert. With oases, sand dunes, snakes and poisonous spiders. In summer, the sand heats up to 75 degrees.

However, on the edge of the desert, you can see the world’s largest forest planted by man.

It is interesting that for a long time the “Oleshkovsky Sands” park was a closed zone, on the territory of which the USSR military testing spot was located. Now it is a popular touristic destination, a region that is truly unique and still unexplored.

Askaniya-Nova Biosphere Reserve

Photo by: V. Gavrilenko. From:

It was established in the 19th century and this is the oldest protected area in Ukraine. It was declared UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1984.

This reserve on the territory of Ukraine is unique. For every visitor, Askania-Nova offers the opportunity to see not only the arboretum and the zoo, but also the virgin steppe. It retained his original inviolability. Here you can see animals in their natural habitat.

Podilski Tovtry  National Park


It was founded in 1996 and it is known for its amazing geological formations. Forests, grasslands and meadows define the landscape. Approximately 1 700 plant species can be found in the Park. Mineral springs, as well as historical and cultural monuments, attract many tourists.

This is the place where the mysterious and majestic Ukrainian Carpathians begin.

Karpatskyi Biosphere Reserve


This one was founded in 1968. The reserve encompasses five massifs. They are: Ugolsko-Shyrokoluzhansky massif, Marmarosk massif, Chronogir massif, Svidovets massif and Khust massif.

In this place, you may see plants that were blooming in the pre-glacial period and are still blooming every spring here, in the valley of daffodils.

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