Literature of Ukraine

As with most European countries, Ukraine has a well established literary community. In the past many stories where likely passed on by word of mouth until they were eventually committed to written form. As a result, many old Ukrainian fables and stories abound in printed Ukrainian literature today. Besides this, the 20th century has seen the emergence of several well-liked writers and poets and their works have become popular. Those viewed by the Ukrainian public as truly great writers have become literary icons amongst their own people and in many ways, their works have become symbolic of literature in Ukraine.

Ukrainian literature is essentially classified into four main groups – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and children’s stories. The most popular categories are fiction, poetry and children’s stories, and there are many works that have become household favorites across the country. The children’s stories of Pan Kotskyi, the “Crippled Duckling” and the “Mitten”, are sometimes heard in other countries across the globe where they have been translated and enjoyed by other children. A very popular Ukrainian fiction writer is Alexander Ivakhnenko who wrote “Dobrozychlyvist” – a well-liked literary work in Ukraine.

Poetry is a very popular form of Ukrainian literature and a number of poets have received widespread popularity in the country. Poets like Tara Shevchenko, Viktor Neborak, Ivan Drach, Olena Teliha, Natalka Bilotserkivets, Mykola Vinhranovsky, Iu. Andrykhovych, Volodymyr Fedynyshynets and Hryhorvj Chubaj are well published and distributed across the country. Poetry is enjoyed as an excellent medium of heartfelt expression and many Ukrainians dabble in the art of creating poetry, though they may never publish their works. To many Ukrainians, literature is a form of entertainment, expression and a lifetime passion. Why not see if you can find some Ukrainian literature in your own language and attempt to cultivate an interest in this dynamic form of self expression.

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