Historical Treasures of the Museums in Ukraine

Where ever you travel to in the world, museums usually feature highly on the list of places to see. It is certainly no different for tourists in Ukraine. Ukraine is a country filled with historical sites, an intriguing past and a strong cultural heritage. Museums of all types can be found throughout the major cities in Ukraine, as well as in lesser-known towns. In this section of Ukraine Channel you will become acquainted with just some of the many interesting museums in Ukraine.

One of the most visited museums in Ukraine is the National Art Museum. Located in the city of Kiev, the National Art Museum of Ukraine houses an amazing collection of paintings, icons and other artworks. The building itself is of great historical significance as it was built back in 1898. It is an architecturarchitectural masterpiece. Also located in Kiev is The National Museum of Medicine of Ukraine. Established in 1973, this exceptional museum guides patrons through the development of medicine in Ukraine throughout the ages. As visitors explore the Museum of Medicine they will see exhibits with medical instruments, historic relics, models, medical manuals and replica full-scale interiors of various types.

Tourists traveling through Odessa will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy museum sightseeing. Pay a visit to the Odessa Regional History Museum to travel back through the history of this now bustling city. Vast arrays of historical items will keep you busy for hours. The Odessa Numismatics Museum is dedicated to the history of money and its circulation in the area. It houses around 2,500 coins and other items from various eras. Those touring Odessa will definitely not want to miss the Odessa State Museum of Archeology. With some 160,000 exhibits, you can discover all you ever wanted to know about the past of the Northern Black Sea zone. Indeed this Ukrainian museum offers a marvelous outing for the entire family.

Have you ever wanted a closer look at Stalin or Lenin? Then head over to the Waxworks Museum where you will see both these political figures as well as renowned actors, music stars, sports men and women and many other famous people, all captured in wax sculptures.

These are just a few of the fantastic museums in Ukraine. Others to look out for include the Ukrainian Museum of Historical Treasures, Lviv Glass Museum, Bulgakov Museum, the National Museum of Chernobyl and the Ivan Franko Literary Memorial Museum.

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