Keep Active with Sport in Ukraine

When it comes to sport, most Ukrainians are very serious. Especially when you mention soccer and the Olympic Games. When driving through the streets of Ukraine you will see many youngsters playing especially soccer and rugby, most of them play with the goal to join one of the Ukrainian clubs or teams one day.

Ukraine hasn’t really made a huge name for itself on the rugby levels yet but, nevertheless they have attained some interesting rugby achievements. The first open international beach rugby tournament was held in Kiev. Although the capital city of Ukraine is not really famous for its beaches, in fact, it’s not even close to the sea. But Kiev has what other European cities lack, the Hydropark. The Hydropark is a huge recreational area on an island in the middle of River Dnieper almost in the city center. This tournament was held by the Kiev Orcs amateur rugby club who actually came to the idea of beach rugby by accident.

Ukraine has made a big name for itself so far on soccer levels. In fact, Ukraine’s soccer is so impressive that they have even been the first soccer team that qualified for the 2006 World Cup Finals in Germany.

Ukraine usually also does very well at the summer Olympic Games. At the 2004 summer Olympic games, Ukraine managed to get a marvelous total of 23 medals. They managed to get 9 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 9 bronze medals.

For the more adventurous people living in Ukraine their lies many opportunities waiting on weekends and in free time. Sports and activities such as diving, snow skiing, mountain climbing, mountain biking, swimming, trekking and horse riding is becoming more and more popular by the day.

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