Nemyriv – Where Stars are Born and Nemiroff Vodka is Made

The small city of Nemyriv was built over Myriv, a settlement from the ancient Scythian times. It is located in the Vinnytsya Oblast, which lies in the western region of Ukraine. It also serves as an administrative center for the district of Nemyrivsky and has a mere population of approximately 10 000 residents. The city as it is known today, was only mentioned in the year 1506, for the first time.

Throughout the 17th century, Nemyriv was dragged through many Cossack
conflicts and wars. It was also the site of peace negotiations and talks in
1737, when leaders tried to bring an end to the Russo-Turkish War. The war
lasted from 1735 to 1739, when peace was eventually made between the Ottoman
Turkey, Russia and Austria-Hungary. Nemyriv was also known to have a
thriving Jewish community before the outbreak of World War II, and before
members of this religion were persecuted.

This small town in the Vinnytsya Region was home to a few famous
such as Nathan of Breslov (also known as Reb Noson); Theodosius
Dobzhansky a well-known Ukrainian geneticist; and the writer Marko Vovcok.
But one of its most famous trademarks is the distillery. It is here, in the
quaint city of Nemyriv that Nemiroff Vodka is made.

Nemyriv has two very popular attractions that are visited regularly, of
which one is the Nemyriv Princess Palace Complex. The palace dates back to
the 19th century, was built in a neo-classical style and was once owned by a
Russian princess. The princess and her family perished at the hands of the
Soviets after the Revolution, but the princess is still fondly remembered.
The Palace is also home to a magnificent art museum and the parks
surrounding the palace are breathtaking. Visitors can look forward to more
than 80 different species of plants and quiet picnics at the lake. There is
also a brisk hike to the Nemyriv Scythian Ruins, located just outside the
city. The site and route to the Scythian Mounds is not marked, so it is
important to ask local residents for directions or employ the services of a

The city of Nemyriv is a peaceful and picturesque destination that is
situated in the middle of a beautifully landscaped region, with many
historical stories and lovely sites to visit. It is definitely a destination
worth visiting.

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