Remembering Armand Emmanuel Richelieu

Odessa is regarded as the fourth leading city in Ukraine, situated in Eastern Europe. It is also the city that has the largest and most central seaport along the Black Sea. Due to the past of one man, Duke Richelieu, and his contribution to the city of Odessa, it has become the success it is today.

Walking down towards the Potemkin staircase, just before the port, you will notice the monument of Duke Armand Emmanuel Richelieu appropriately placed in full view of the city. During his visit to Russia in 1795 he was given a ranking in the Cuirassiers of St. George as lieutenant colonel.

It however did not stop there. Soon he was appointed as the first governor of Odessa which allowed him to start transforming the village. This gave him the opportunity to turn the village into something he had always dreamed of. With that in mind he began to assist the local population in the development of the agricultural and commercial sector. Duke Richelieu also realized the importance in creating good port facilities so as to establish the growing city of Odessa as a popular port for trade. This in turn transformed the village of the Black Sea into the gracious city it is today.

After his appointment as Governor he was given a new station as the new governor general, looking after the areas which lay between Caucasus and the Dniester River. It was in this position that he took a strong stand in cleaning up a corrupt administration that had stood for too long.

Today, when you visit the city of Odessa the strong historical influence can still be felt. There are many sights and attractions to keep the avid traveler amused. From the vibrant nightlife and art galleries to the beautiful beaches of the Black sea there’s something for everyone. It is a city proud of its traditions and culture inherited through the many features of the city with its cosmopolitan nationalities which freely mix together. Other landmarks to look out for include one of the greatest architectural buildings – that of the Opera and Ballet House, said to be of the same standard as the Vienna Opera House. This is something not to be missed.

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