Zakarpattya Oblast – The Youngest Region in Ukraine

The Zakarpattya Oblast is a beautiful part of Ukraine and has a unique geographical location along the southwestern side of the Carpathian Mountains and Dunabe lowlands. The geographical position of the region also makes it a convenient junction between countries situated all over Europe. Zakarpattya is the youngest oblast in Ukraine and was only given freedom in October 1944. The oblast is bordered by Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

The 12,8 thousand square kilometers of the Zakarpattya Oblast has been called a variety of names over the decades. Uhorska Russia, Karpatska Ukraine, Karpatska Russia and Zakarpatska Ukraine, are just some of the names. It was in 1946, when the region became part of the USSR, that the name “strong>Zakarpatska oblast” was given to the area. There are over 1.2 million people that are of various nationalities living in the oblast. The majority of the population is Ukrainian, but there are also Romanians, Russians, Slovaks, Hungarians and others which make up a total of 30 nationalities that live here.

The Zakarpattya region is separated into thirteen districts with ten cities, twenty villages situated in urban areas and 579 villages. Chop, Mukacheve, Irshava, Tiachiv and Vynohradiv are some of Zakarpattya’s biggest towns. Uzhgorod is the administrative center for the region. The landscape of the region is made up mainly of mountain and pre-mountain zones, which provide picturesque views all round. The climate is moderately continental and it has an annual rainfall of about 700 to 1000 mm.

The Zakarpattya Oblast has numerous brooks, rivers and natural lakes, which provide the region with an excellent source of energy in the form of hydro-energy. Tisa, Tereblya and Borshaya are some of the largest rivers in the oblast. The region also has a rich source of forestland made up of conifers and deciduous trees. These forested areas provide wood for woodworking and resin industries, as well as for the light industry and mechanical engineering industries. The Agricultural sector also contributes to the economy of Zakarpattya, providing wheat, maize, vegetables and potatoes for export.

Zakarpattya is a truly unique oblast in more than one way. It is located in a beautiful part of the country with mountains and beautiful water features all around. Many well-known scientists, specialists, artists and writers have also come from Zakarpattya Oblast. The region of Zakarpattya is well worth a visit with much to offer visitors in so many spheres.

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