Discover the enchanting town of Busk

Located just 53 km from Lviv, Busk is a small town with approximately 10,000 people. The name 'Busk' comes from the west Ukrainian word 'busko' which means 'crane'. Appropriately, the heraldic crest of the town is a white stork on a blue shield and the stork is the town symbol.

Busk has had a long and interesting history. It started life as a settlement which was conveniently situated at a crossroads which meant that it was in a good position for trade. The settlement soon grew into a town and in the fifteenth century, it became a fortress and gained a stunning castle. The year 2005 saw Busk celebrate its 1500 anniversary – certainly a celebration worth noting! Busk also has the distinction of being the first town in the Lviv Oblast to be granted the Magdeburg Rights in 1411.

For many years, the land where Busk is located was part of either Austria or Poland. This means that much of the cultural heritage and influences to be seen in the city bare distinctive marks from the Austrian and Polish cultures. If you are planning to visit this picturesque little Ukrainian town, you might want to mark the differences in architecture and culture from other parts of the Ukraine. It is all very interesting and makes for fascinating sight-seeing.

One of the most notable attractions at Busk is the Olesko Castle. This beautiful old building is situated on the top of a hill and commands an amazing view of the valley. Currently it houses the weapon museum as well as a display of civilian objects from the 18-19th centuries such as a tapestry which depicts the famous Vienna battle. You will also be able to explore this one and a half millennium old city by yourself which is a real treat. For more energetic activities, you can meet local Ukrainians by participating in one of the many organized sports in the town. Busk is a treat just waiting to be discovered!

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