Kiev Drama Theatre – Unique Productions Performed Around the World

It was just over twenty years ago that the Kiev Drama Theatre in Podol came into existence. Podol is one of the older districts that make up the capital of Kiev in Ukraine. When the district was first formed in 1811 it was known for its fishermen and craftsmen, but today the industry has changed quite a bit.

Vitaly Malakhov was the founder of the Kiev Theatre and has since been the Director of this well-known entertainment centre. Malakhov had the best credentials for the job as, over the years, he had become a well-known and well-respected actor in his country. Ukrainians would flock to any production that had Vitaly Malakhov taking part in it as they enjoyed his style so much. The press and critics who are normally so hard on entertainers were avid fans of his and he always received excellent reviews.

The Kiev Drama Theatre has traveled around the world, performing in countries like Great Britain, Egypt, Germany and Denmark – to name a few. They have been awarded many prestigious prizes for their involvement in the arts both within and out of the country. They were awarded first prize in a theatrical festival called ‘The Kiev’s Pectoral’ for their performance in a show written by Komeichuk, a Ukrainian author, which was quite an honor for them. If that was not enough they were recognized, at the same festival, as being the top theatrical group out of all the groups in the Ukraine.

You can expect to see unique performances at the Kiev Theatre as they often experiment with new techniques and theatre design to keep their performances fresh and new. The energetic group will often take to the streets of Kiev making their ‘theatre’ in different parts of the city where they will ‘set up camp’ and perform for a wide variety of audiences. People love the productions that they see at the Kiev Drama Theatre in Podol as they feature attractive music, bright colors and interesting themes. This ensures that each show will be sold out every night that it is on.

Today Vitaly Malakhov continues to be a successful director over his talented group of performers. The group has played an important part in representing the Ministry of Culture and Arts in Ukraine and has continued to receive support by the Ukraine administration.

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