Discover the Sights and Attractions of Ukraine

A fascinating history, rich culture and exquisite natural heritage, Ukraine has much to offer its visitors. There are many sights in Ukraine to include on your holiday itinerary including monuments, museums, churches, palaces, cemeteries, mountains, rivers, beaches and beautiful landscapes. It is possible to see numerous attractions in Ukraine in one day, particularly in the cities where they are often within walking distance. Check out these attractions in Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa.


Sights in Kyiv are truly bountiful. One of the most impressive is the Kyiv Pecherska Lavra Monastery beautifully situated on a hill beside Dnipro River. The monastery was established back in 1051 A.D. and during the centuries since then it has grown, incorporating architectural styles such as Ukrainian Baroque, Classical and Byzantine. Still in use, this fascinating structure is made up of churches, towers and subterranean tunnels. Within the grounds you can also visit the Museum of Historical Treasures and Jewelry, Museum of Miniatures and Museum of Ukrainian Decorative and Applied Art.

St Sophia Cathedral is the oldest church in Ukraine and was constructed in 1037. It was an important center for ancient Kyivite worship and a political hub in Kyivan-Rus. The complex consists of two churches, a school, residence and bell-tower. Mariyinsky Palace was built during 1750 and was previously one of the Tsar family residences. It is now used for official presidential functions. Kyiv Mohyla Academy of 1615 was Eastern Europe’s first higher education institution. Stroll along the ancient street of Adriyivsky Uzvis which is today, home to numerous art galleries, cafés and exhibits.


When visiting Lviv make a point of going to see the Lychakivskiy Cemetery dating back to 1787. Many well-known Ukrainians have been buried here. Ornate tomb-stones guard the graves of Lviv’s past residents. It was named a historical monument in 1975 and damaged areas have been restored. Also make your way through the Old Town where you will discover the Ploscha Rynock Market Square, cathedrals, St. Yura Church, Boim Chapel and Dominican Abbey.


Odessa is ideal for walking. Begin at the Potemkin Steps where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the bay. From there you can amble along Primoskjj Boulevard were you will see monuments related to the Crimean war. Westward you will arrive at the governor’s palace. Beside the palace you will discover the Tyoschin Most, a stunning foot bridge across the gorge.

Beneath Odessa lies over 400km of catacombs, which through the centuries have been used by smugglers, partisans, and resistance fighters. Bus tours are offered to this interesting attraction in Ukraine. Be sure to check out the Odess Privoz, one of the world’s largest farmers’ markets. Shopaholics will find this a dream. From foodstuffs to clothing, from construction materials to consumer goods, this market has it all.

These are just a few of the sights in Ukraine. Wherever you find yourself in this vast country, there are attractions to keep your mind and your feet busy. For more information on Ukraine’s natural attractions visit these pages on this website: “National Parks”, “Mountains”, “Wildlife” and “Ecotourism”.

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