Vatutine – A Quaint and Progressive Industrial Centre

Though not every city in Ukraine is large and full of life, even the smaller ones usually have at least something to offer visitors. They may not have stirring architecture, an age-old history or a strong cosmopolitan air, but they do usually have heart. Many of the little villages, towns and cities have become a much loved home to thousands. It is at places such as these that you may find people who are more willing to open up and invite you into their lives. Vatutine is just such a town.

Vatutine is a small city situated in Ukraine’s Cherkasy Oblast. The city is still relatively new, having only been founded in 1947. Today, it is home to more than 20 000 people and it commonly seen as being the administrative center of the Omonimo district. Vatutine in Ukraine was initially founded to give better support to a coal mine situated near the village of Urkovka. This means that Vatutine has a long industrial history, and that many of the buildings and factories found here have something to do with the coal mining industry. This includes a massive woodworking plant which was established around the same time that the city was founded. The city was founded by the Soviet government who saw fit to take full advantage of the coal deposits which occur naturally in the area. The city saw a period of massive growth during the 1970s when more efficient drilling equipment was made available to the coalmines near the city. The machinery enabled miners to dig to greater depths in order to extract the coal, and this increased production and ultimately had a very positive effect on the growth of the city.

Unfortunately 1990 saw the unavoidable close of the coalmines. The natural raw materials which had been harvested here for years finally dried up and the people living in Vatutine were forced to look for other forms of employment, in different cities. Fortunately work came to those left behind, saving Vatutine from becoming a ghost town. A large number of factories were built in the city in order to provide employment for the thousands who lost their jobs with the closure of the mines. This has seen Vatutine in Ukraine become a more modern city, but the people living here are still very caring and open-hearted. So spend a few hours in Vatutine and enjoy the smiling faces and hard-working attitudes of the people who live here.

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