Lviv Oblast – The Pearl of Europe

The Lviv Oblast is situated in the western side of Ukraine, and is made up of an area of 21.8 thousand square kilometers. The Lviv region borders the Volyn, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil and all the Transcarpathian regions in Ukraine. A Section of the region of Lviv also forms part of the borders of Krosnenky, Zamostsky and Peremyshlsky, three Polish regions. Lviv, Brody, Horodok, Mostyska, Peremyshliany, Pustomyty, Radekhiv, Sokal and Turka are some of the biggest towns in Lviv.

Lviv oblast is rated as one of the most developed and westernized regions in the country. It is also one of the most urbanized regions with majority of the 2,800,000 people living in towns. The population density of Lviv oblast is one of the highest with 127 persons per square kilometer. The region contains the Carpathian Mountains, Podil plateau and the Small Polissya within its borders. Lviv is a popular resort destination and is well known for the large amounts of mineral waters, which can be used for medicinal purposes.

The region of Lviv is rich in mineral resources like natural gas, polymineral ore, clays, sulfur, limestone, sand, sandstone and crushed stones. There is also a large concentration of coal in the area, which amounts to about 1,2 billion tons. A variety of natural geothermal waters used in Balneology, a form of hot spring mineral water therapy, and medicinal water deposits can be found located in Lviv oblast. This form of therapy is specialized in centers like Truskavets, Velyki Lyubin and Nimiriv. Apart from health care use, hot spring waters are also used for recreational purposes.

Lviv oblast is a highly developed industrial region, which specializes in a variety of productions. One of these industries specializes in producing oil for lubricants, coolants, and lacquers, among many other products. A large variety of drilling tools have also been developed for use in metallurgy, geology and for the gas and oil industry. The machine building industry produces large vehicles and machines, like buses, automobile cranes and trolley buses.

The region of Lviv is well suited for the production of agricultural products with over 1,27 million hectares being used for cattle breeding, milk, meat, flax and crops. The natural conditions and temperate climate are also perfect for beekeeping, poultry farming, vegetables and forestry.

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