Mukachevo – Travel Through the Wetlands of International Importance

Mukachevo is a city located in the Zakarpattya Oblast, which can be found in the western parts of Ukraine. Mukachevo is situated in the valley where the Liatorytsia River flows and has been marked as part of the Ramsar list of 'Wetlands of International Importance'. The city of Mukachevo acts as the administrative center of the Mukachivskyi District and is recognized as separate district within the Zakarpattya province.

Mukachevo has not always been part of Ukraine. From the 11th century to 1918, Mukachevo was part of the Kingdom of Hungary and then it was passed onto Czechoslovakia from 1918 to 1945. Today, the city of Mukachevo has a large industrial area with industries that turn out products like timber, furniture, textiles, wine, beer, food and tobacco. The population is made up of Ukrainians, Russians, Germans, Hungarians and a small percentage of Roma.

One of the attractions in Mukachevo is a castle situated on Lamkova hill that dates back to the sixteenth century. Other sights in Mukachevo that one can visit are the 14th century Monastery and the 18th century wooden church, which was built using a Ukrainian architectural style.

There is also the historic Palonok or Mukachevo Castle, which was built in the 14th century. The castle complex has been well preserved over the centuries and one can still visit and see the three sections of the castle. Later the Palonok castle was converted into a fortress and then into an all-European political prison. Since then, the 130 roomed castle has served as a residence to Royals and well-known families. Today, the Mukachevo castle has a museum, which one can visit and learn more about the castle and the history of Mukachevo. The city of Mukachevo is well worth a visit, with so much more to offer.

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