Kiev Pechersk Lavra – The Cave Monastery

The Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery is a complex that is made up from various fascinating buildings and sights. These diverse memories of the past all carry the strong architectural signature of the Ukrainian Baroque construction style and form a network of beautiful and spectacular structures. The monastery and surrounding complex is also known as the Calvin Cave Monastery.

During its earlier years, the Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery suffered
many incidents of vandalism, damage and destruction, but managed to survive
for us to marvel at. The monastery was originally founded by two monks,
namely St. Anthony of the Caves (Antoniy) and St. Theodosius of the Caves
(Feodosiy), in 1051. The Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery was given the
alternative name of Calvin Cave Monastery, as the monastery was constructed
over a network of caves that was excavated by the monks. Most of the
buildings that are seen here date back from the 11th century.

Amongst the structures is the Troyitska Nadbramma Church, also known as
the Holy Trinity Church. It was constructed during the years 1106 to 1108
and is the main monastery church, decorated in breathtaking murals and
paintings. In 1941, the Upsensky Cathedral, or Dormition Cathedral, was
destroyed. The Holy Trinity Church then took the role of main church. The
ruins of this once spectacular church can still be seen today, and it is a
great shame that this structure, which was originally constructed between
the years 1073 to 1078, is lost to us forever. Buildings that were added to
the complex in later years include the Great Bell Tower that was erected
during the years 1731 to 1744; a 96-meter structure that is home to a
library; a massive clock; and it still has three of its original bells on
display. The 17th century St. Nicolas Church, the 1679 Conception of St.
Anne Church and the All Saints’ Church, which was built in 1696 to 1698, are
all beautiful architectural masterpieces.

The Near Caves and Far Caves should also be visited as they exhibit
hundreds of archaeological artifacts and items that are in wonderfully
preserved condition, and there are many historical facts and stories to the
complex. This amazing attraction in Ukraine will keep visitors fascinated
and spellbound for hours. The Kiev Pechersk Lavra is an amazing collection of beautiful buildings and works
of art that cannot be seen or experienced anywhere, but in Ukraine.

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