Explore Ukraine Travel and Booking Options

The two biggest attractions in Ukraine are most likely the country's natural beauty and its rich history. The country's origins go back many hundreds of years and more than 500 of the cities date back some 900 years. Cities such as these – as well as many others which are only a few hundred years behind them – are enriched with monuments, buildings, archaeological sites and majestic palaces. They boast all sorts of interesting things to see and do. This is the main reason why so many travel the Ukraine.

The Ukraine is home to 300 museums, seven national historical and cultural preserves and countless different examples of culture, history, archaeology, palaces, parks and architecture. Clearly, the country caters well to the demands of tourism. It also houses some 80% of all the monuments left behind from the Kievan Rus era –some of which are most remarkable, such as the Kievan Cave Monastry and St. Sophia’s Cathedral. These monuments are of such historical significance that they have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Most travelers will start their journey in the historical city of Kiev – the ancient mother of Russian cities – where you will find a rich blend of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. The city is rich in historical, religious and architectural sights and is fascinating to explore. If you wish to explore further, Lviv – the city of Lions – and Odessa – the pearl of the Black Sea – also have a lot to offer. The Poltava region was once immortalized in a poem by Count Pushkin and much of its history relates to the war between Sweden, Russia and the Ukraine. Also notable are the cities of Chernihiv and Uman. If you appreciate nature, the Sofiyivka State Dendrological Park is incredibly beautiful. If you prefer something a bit more chilling, visit the wastelands created by the infamous Chernobyl disaster – it is reportedly safe for visitors.

So as you can see, travel in the Ukraine is a must. Most tourist organizations offer you transport between the various attractions and cities but you can also make up a sort of do-it-yourself tour if you are feeling adventurous. Whatever you choose, make sure that you make the most out of your time in Ukraine.