Art Galleries – Creative Expressions of Local and International Artists

Art is a very important form of expression in every culture. Ukrainian art has had several influences over the years and numerous great artists from Ukraine have become known worldwide for a variety of artistic styles. Those who appreciate art will find Ukrainian art galleries to be of the highest standards. Exhibiting all forms of art, from paintings to drawings, and sculptures to graphic arts, Ukraine's art galleries feature amazing works of art from both local and international artists.

Museum art collections are somewhat limited and private art galleries in Ukraine are playing a larger role in exhibiting new works to the public. A variety of works can be purchased from Ukrainian art galleries including collections of folk art. Taking the time to view art works from the past and present will give you a wonderful insight into the perceptions of Ukraine’s people, a deeper understanding of the culture.

The National Art Museum of Ukraine is an impressive building containing Ukrainian and international art of many decades. Developing over many years, the museum’s collection is exquisite. Lviv Art Gallery at 3 Stefanyk Street, is Ukraine’s largest art museum. Inside you will come across 53 000 art works ranging from the 14th through to the 20th centuries. The gallery boasts a wonderful collection of works by famous artists such as Rubens, Mengs, de la Turet and Goya. Also a center of education and science, the Lviv Art Gallery holds many important conferences and offers internships. The Maritime Art Gallery in Odessa exhibits sculptures and paintings of all things marine. Every two years they hold an international Marine Art Fair featuring mostly artists from Ukraine and Russia.

Below is a list of Ukrainian Art Galleries in Kyiv. Be sure to pay a visit to one of these great cultural havens.

Paintings by Ukrainians, Russians and Americans.
Open from 12:00

Artists Union Gallery
Ukrainian art works.
Open from 11:00

Classic, realism and avant garde Ukrainian paintings.
13 Reytarska Street
Open from 11:00

Center for Contemporary Art
Sculptures, photographs and graphic art by international artists.
2 Skovorody Street
Open from 11:00

Gallery 36
Paintings and sculptures by artists from Ukraine, Russia and Europe.
Open from 11:00

Drevny Kiev
Old Ukrainian paintings.
Open from 11:00

Ukrainian ceramic art.
Open from 10:00

Soviet social realism paintings
Open from 11:00

Podol Fortuna
Realist paintings by Ukrainians.
19A Adriyivsky Uzviz
Open from 10:30

Lada Plus
Paintings and bronze sculptures
Open from 10:00 (week)
Open from 11:00 (weekend)

Ridna Khata
Ukrainian national clothes from the 19th to 20th century.
Open from 13:00

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