Bakhchisaray Palace – Rare Architecture Representing Europe and the Middle East

Palaces have always been of enormous fascination to people all around the world. Through the decades of man's civilization the interest in palaces has not changed. Let us take a guided tour through one of the most charming palaces in the world - Bakhchisaray Palace in Crimea, Ukraine.

Bakhchisaray Palace was the core of the political and spiritual life of the Crimean Tartars. The palace served as a shrine of Russia’s culture and is a major historical monument of its time, as there are very few palaces in the world that have its unique and outstanding character. Bakhchisaray Palace is known to be one of three rare architectural structures representing the Middle East and Europe, the others are Alhambra and Top Kapi palaces in Spain and Turkey respectively. When walking through the interiors of the Bakhchisaray Palace you will be amazed at the decorative inscriptions on the palace walls particularly that of the Golden Room situated near a chamber inside the “Living Block”.

Bakhchisaray Palace is also surrounded by stunning gardens with an array of color that gives you a feeling of serenity. You can even relax under the many shady trees surrounding the palace. In times past the palace did not have many trees as the square looked like an open parade-ground where solemn ceremonies were held. The gardens also have terraces that transformed a hill slope behind the Palace into a magnificent landscape background. So be sure to come and view this scenery.

Like most palaces around the world, Bakhchisaray Palace had a harem. There is very little known about the life in the harem as the inhabitants lived a very secret life. However what is known is that the women’s section of the house is arranged both in a residence area as well as in the palace itself. The women of the palace all lived here including mothers, unmarried sisters and daughters, wives and a number of female servants. Probably one of the most fascinating parts of the tour is the harem residence. So come and experience this amazing palace. There is much to see and learn of the life and culture of the people who once lived here as well as the ancient architectural designs that once dominated the region.

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