Bar – Travel Back to the Middle Ages of Tradition, Hospitality and Culture

Vinnytsya is one of 25 oblasts situated in the central part of Ukraine covering an area of about 16 thousand sq. miles. Lithuanian Prince Olgert founded the Vinnitsya oblast on the banks of the Southern Bug river in 1363. Bar is a delightful town in the Vinnitsya region.

Over the years numerous archaeological excavations have revealed that Slavic tribes used to live in this area as far back as the Middle Ages. To this day you will still find many old buildings in Bar that date back to the Middle Ages. There are also many old churches, cathedrals and old private residences that still occupy this region and are used for a variety of purposes.

This lovely region of Ukraine has two main rivers: the Southern Bug and the Dnieste River. There are also nearly 50 other small rivers and 2300 lakes. So why not enjoy some time with your loved ones in Bar where you could have a quiet picnic or you can try your hand at some fishing. The rivers and lakes are full of fish such as carp, pike, perch and catfish.

In the village of Bar you can really have a great getaway weekend or an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast. You will feel so refreshed at the beauty of the landscape, and the simple life here that goes at its own pace. Come and enjoy the lovely traditional way of living and you will no doubt find it absolutely delightful to eat fresh farm food. Coming to Bar, you will also learn much about the culture and heritage of the hospitable and friendly people who reside here. There are also many activities to choose from whilst staying in Bar. You can go strolling through village, go fishing at the local lake, enjoy riding in a horse drawn wagon, or just relax in the company of warm, friendly local people. Be sure not miss this opportunity that will create wonderful memories.

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