Kiev Oblast – Popular Destination filled with Art, Theatre, Museums and Music

Today the borders of Kiev are very different from when the region of Kiev was first formed in 1932. Kiev Oblast is now situated in the center of Ukraine with the River Dnieper running through it. Kiev's borders meet up with the oblasts of Vinnytsva, Zhytomyr, Poltava, Cherkasy, Homel and Chernihiv.

There are twenty-five towns in Kiev, of which Bila Tserkya, Brovary, Boryspil, Fastiv, Vasylkiv, Vyshhorod, Tarascha and Slavutych are some of the largest in the region. The Kiev Oblast has a population of 1850 thousand people, which breaks down to 66 people found on every square kilometer.

Kiev is one of ten main industrial oblasts of Ukraine. Industries in Kiev produce power energy, chemicals and petrochemicals, food and metal works. Kiev is also one of the main regions when it comes to agricultural production, with over 1130 farms producing sugar-beets, sunflower seeds, potatoes, meat, milk and eggs.

Kiev has a high density of Ukrainian museums in the region. There are as many as 222 museums and fifteen state museums representing Kiev and Ukrainian history and formation. “Kyivshchyna” is the regional concert and creative organization, an institution that represents professional art and music. Organ and Chamber Music House and Bilotserkva Ukrainian Theater of Music and Drama are some of the theaters represented by this organization. Choruses have become, not only popular in the region, but an important way of preserving the historical traditions of singing in Kiev. There are many competitions taking place to find singers who are talented in the field of chamber and vocal singing to do just this.

Kiev is rated one of the most popular and beautiful resort and recreational regions in Ukraine with many health centres and clinics at one’s disposal. Visitors to the oblast of Kiev can also enjoy the great climate and the many wonderful natural resources found here. One of these well-known places is Oleksandriya, a 200-year-old park found in Bila Tserkva, which is definitely recommended if you are in the area. There are also many archaeological sights in the Kiev Oblast that have given a lot of insight into the cultures and history of this region.

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