Turka – Ancient Streets and Architectural Marvels Await

Lviv Oblast is known as the pearl of Europe and enjoys a splendid combination of past and present cultures, and lying in the depths of this Ukrainian treasure is the town of Turka. The region is known to experience mild summers and severe winters and in autumn it rains a lot, making this area attractive for harvesting. Lviv Oblast lies between the Baltic and the Black Seas, creating an axis between Eastern and Western Europe. There are many different and varied cultures here in the Lviv Oblast that makes its pleasant to come and visit. Lviv Oblast has many attractions on offer, there are a number of historical and architectural places to catch your interest and if you enjoy opera or ballet, come to the theatre and see what’s on show.

The history of Turka goes back to the dawn of Ukrainian history. This is one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. Turka has a very old railway station that is still in operation and it would be fascinating to come and see it. There are also vendors in the town’s center that you can get just about anything, from traditional foods to souvenirs or even buy something special for a loved one.

If you are interested in really old buildings, you don’t want to miss a very old church structure in Turka called Sts Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church. Religious life has a long history in this area and it is known for a high level of religious consciousness. The dominant religion is Ukrainian Greek Catholic. Ukrainians represent 90% of the population in Turka. Russians are the second largest group in the region. There are also many other nationalities.

As in most places, you can enjoy a slow stroll down these ancient streets to get a true feeling of what life is like here in Turka. The town plays a key role in the social and economic life of the western region of Ukraine. The main economic industry includes machinery, food and chemical industry, wood manufacturing, and production of building materials.


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