Travel Adventures – River rafting, Cave exploration and other Quests

With a diverse landscape and the outstanding Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine is a country of adventure. There are endless opportunities for adventure travel in Ukraine, for people of all ages and fitness levels. Ukraine's adventure travel companies offer tourists numerous fun-filled activities from hiking to rafting, to skiing and horseback riding. Adventure travel in Ukraine provides you with a unique way of seeing this beautiful country.

Trekking through the Carpathian Mountains is a wonderful experience. Tour companies offer hikes ranging from one day to many days. Choose from numerous exciting routes of differing difficulty levels. Trekking is ideal for those who like to take time to view their surroundings, taking in the smells and sounds. It is also a test of physical strength and endurance. Hiking can be enjoyed throughout the year in Ukraine and is actually quite popular in the winter months.

Explore the caves of Crimea. As you enter a cave you are transported to an alien world with its own climate, plant and animal life. A variety of sport non-equipped caves can be investigated along with the tour operator’s experienced instructors. The amazing underground formations of stalagmites and stalactites with leave you breathless.

Ukraine is well-known for skiing both for beginners and experts. Skiing in Ukraine is relatively inexpensive and there are many runs to choose from. Popular ski resorts in Ukraine include Slavsko, Dragobrat and Bukovel. Other less populated areas are located near quaint villages. Adventure travel companies in Ukraine offer exciting skiing tours and camps. Such tours can last several days and are much like hiking trips, but on skis. Experienced skiers should not miss out on this opportunity.

Ukraine’s waters open up a whole new world of adventure. Adventure seekers will thoroughly enjoy braving river rapids in inflatable rafts. Tour operators will provide you with the needed equipment as well as an instructor. Sitting along the sides of the raft the entire group is involved in steering the vessel through the rapids. Those who prefer something a little less rough can enjoy kayaking on the quieter waters of the river. A well-known river for rafting is South Bug River. Renowned for its grand beauty and excellent rapids, this is the experience of a life time.

Other exciting Ukrainian adventure travel options include rock-climbing, survival-school, horseback riding, paragliding, mountain biking, snowboarding as well as outdoor games and contests. Book your unique Ukrainian travel adventure today!

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