Palaces and Castles – Walk through the Hallways of History

Ukraine is a place of culture, history and natural beauty. For centuries the people who lived here worked to create masterful homes and residences that complemented the beauty around them and reflected the culture of their people. By and large they were very successful in this regard and as a result there are many beautiful castles and palaces in Ukraine today.

Generally speaking the castles in Ukraine have a robust appearance, since their primary purpose was one of defense. They may have doubled as a prison during the course of their history and they are usually situated on a hill of some sort. Over time, however, more elaborate and decorative additions have been made to some of these fortresses and this has given them a legacy worth taking note of. Many have been turned into museums that now give the public insight into a bygone era in a most imaginative and creative way. The palaces in Ukraine are mainly royal residences which, while providing adequate protection for the monarchy, have also been designed to ensure that those who live here do so in comfort and luxury. Architectural embellishments may be lavish and expensive and it isn’t uncommon to find gold-plated arches, gold-tinted artwork and solid gold furniture and utensils decorated with jewels in these dwellings. These expensive adornments also tend to reflect the masterful craftsmanship that was popular during a given era of Ukraine’s history; they not only make a journey through such an establishment enchanting, but also provide insight into the way that these nobles lived in days gone by.

There are a number of palaces and castles in Ukraine which are worth seeing. The Livadia Palace and Mariyinsky Palace are popular. For those who prefer castles, the Olesko Castle, the Kodak Fortress and the Lviv High Castle certainly aren’t a waste of time. Of course there are many more castles and palaces worth seeing which haven’t been mentioned here. Why not take a look at the information we have on each attraction to help you decide which castle or palace you would most like to visit when touring the beautiful country of Ukraine.

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