Makijivka – Dedicated to Health, Welfare and Hospitality

Makijivka is a city in Ukraine that has many interesting features and aspects to it. You will experience a unique difference whilst touring this city. Makijiyka has an important industrial role in Ukraine as it produces iron rails for the Russian rail network, and is involved in coal mining and steel production. These industries have developed and grown rapidly since 1914 when they had their start with only 4 metallurgical plants, 10 coal pits, and a population of about 50,000. The region of Donetsk now has more than 40 coal pits with major integrated coking, iron-smelting, and a steel-making plant, which makes modern Donetsk one of the largest metallurgical centers of Ukraine.

Donetsk Oblast is a pretty area with lots to see and do. Everything is within walking distance and in close proximity. In a space of just a few hours you will be able to visit the medical and scientific research facilities that are most interesting, and if you feel like it you can come to the theatres and a philharmonic hall. There is something for everyone to do here.

Makijivka has numerous social services in place to benefit the people. There is a center of sports for the disabled, but the main area of state and social support is dedicated to the pensioners, war and labor veterans, and to the poor families. There are 224 cultural establishments working in Makijivka. Among them are the city arts museum, 3 cinemas, 5 music schools, a children’s art school, 176 libraries, and 31 cultural venues.

The structure of health services in Makijivka includes a network of 8 city hospitals, 2 children’s psychiatric hospitals, 4 clinics and medical aid stations, a rehabilitation center, a health center, a policlinic for professional medicals as well as a home for HIV positive children.

Makijivka provides many other services for the youth. There is the center for youth political development; Center for student initiatives; and a Sports-tourist center. There is also a youth employment and leisure center. Major social problems are also addressed such as drug addiction, increase of HIV AIDS and other diseases.

Ukraine’s Makijivka makes for a fascinating visit and is a city where the people are well-cared for.

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