Balakliia – Rarely Explored Wonder of the Kharkiv Region

The small town of Balakliia is located in the east of Ukraine and forms a part of the Kharkiv Oblast. Balakliia is at the heart of the province's railroad network. It has a population of approximately 30 000 residents and it serves as the Balakliyskyi District's administrative center. Balakliia might not be the most popular tourist destination in Ukraine, but it has many noteworthy sights and an interesting history for visitors to explore.

Balakliia was founded under the name of Novoserpukhiv by the Cossacks
in the 16th century. It was later transformed to a military outpost to
defend against the Tartars, with the erection of the fortification in the
year 1663. Settlers to this quaint town in the Kharkiv Oblast renamed the
town to Balakliia in 1891, which derives from the word “Bulak” that means ‘a
spring’. The town is situated on the area where the Balakliia River meets
the Donets River, and the Donets River is significant in its own right. The
Pechenihy Reservoir, located in the river near Belgorod, supplies the entire
Kharkiv Region with water, including the industries that
are important to the economy of this area. Balakliia’s main industries are
the production of slate products, cement, reinforced-concrete and food

As for the history of Balakliia: the city did play a significant role during
the Chuguev Uprising. In the year 1819, the revolt’s motive was to abolish
military settlements. Military settlers from both Chuguev and Balakliia,
together with villagers from surrounding settlements, joined forces in the
uprising. An important historical sight to visit is the Taras Shevchenko
Monument in the center of town. It was erected in memory of one of Ukraine’s
most legendary men – Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko. He became known, the
world over, as an extraordinary poet, a talented artist and one of the
kindest humanists that had ever lived. He died on 10 March 1861, and left
behind a magnificent legacy, artistic masterpieces and the foundation on
which the literature of Ukraine was built.

Balakliia is a town in the Kharkiv Region that should not be dimissed as
insignificant. It has many hidden treasures and a wonderful history to
discover. Visitors will be pleasantly surprized with the beautiful sights
and attractions that Balakliia has to offer.

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