Ecotourism – Protecting and Conserving Ukraine Wildlife

In a country that still boasts large stretches of relatively untamed natural areas, ecotourism in Ukraine is fast becoming a big lure. The value of this kind of tourism can never be underestimated as it not only provides the people of the country with much needed foreign currency, but it also helps to set up systems which protect the natural wildlife and help promote a more stable environment. Ukraine ecotourism is a popular travel option and is well worth looking into.

The majority of protected wildlife areas are spread over large areas and this means that you will be required to move about quite a bit. There are a few Ukrainian ecotourism companies which offer guided tours from safari vehicles, but the best way to see the wilds of Ukraine is to get out in the elements. As a result, there are guided hiking tours and guided mountain biking tours which are very popular with both Ukrainians and tourists from other parts of the world. Ecotourism guides are fully trained and qualified to present an informative and relatively safe environment where you will be able to enjoy the wonders of nature from among the flora that has become home to many animals. They will be able to help visitors leave as small a mark on the environment as possible whilst at the same time providing fascinating insight into the natural world around them.

When winter blankets some wilderness areas with snow, the ecotourism does not necessarily stop. Hiking options may change to guided overland-skiing. The whiteness of the snow presents the wonders of the wilderness in a whole new light and can be equally delightful if you are up to the challenge. Ukraine ecotourism tours are most popular in the Carpathian regions and outside of Lviv. Book your tours now to make sure you don’t miss out!

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