Cuisine – Flavors and Colors of Ukrainian Culture
Ukrainian cuisine takes a significant place in Ukrainian culture, lifestyle and customs. It is well-known for its great diversity as there are thousands of recipes of all sorts of delicious meals and amazing flavors. Ukrainians are extremely hospitable and their meals are served in very generous quantities and they are so magnificent that force guests to cook national dishes at their homes. Please do not read on an empty stomach ?

Some of the best Ukrainian cuisine meals are actually very simple. Some ingredients are used in somewhat unusual combinations, however, creating a unique and sumptuous dish. Considered the “breadbasket of Europe”, it follows that bread is a staple in Ukraine.

Below we provide you with a list of uniquely Ukrainian cuisine along with a description.


Deruni are potato pancakes. Deruni are stuffed traditionally with cheese. Now they are popular with mushrooms, meat, grated cheese. There is even an annual International Festival of Deruni.

Pechenia or baked potatoes is a dish in pots, which includes potatoes, sauerkraut and meat – nutritious and delicious.

“Chicken Kiev” is an ancient recipe. Inside a deep-fried chicken fillet a piece of butter, cheese, herbs, oiled and pan are put. The cutlet is extremely juicy and tasty.


Eggplant caviar – peppers and eggplants are baked so vegetables retain their flavor.

Jushka – fish preserved at home and soup is cooked with sour cream. And for a spicy taste – the sauce is made of crushed garlic, mixed with salt and pepper.

Kapusnyak is kind of soup cooked with pork and cabbage.

Central Ukraine:

Borscht and dumplings with garlic is a nutritious soup of beef and a variety of vegetables (root vegetables and cabbage) and the soup has a deep red color from beets.

Vareniki are made of dough with a savory or sweet filling that are cooked in boiling water.

Kruchenyky – small meat rolls stuffed with minced meat, pate, prunes and nuts.


Rulʹka – ukrainians take the back of the pork leg, rub it with salt and spices, and then bake in dough or foil.

Hrechanyky – meatballs with buckwheat and mushrooms.



Banush – a dense porridge made of corn grits is cooked on fire with smoke and it is flavored with sour cream or with cream.

Strudli – rolls that can be either salty (with cheese, bacon) or sweet (with cottage cheese, apples).

Do you see this variety? But that’s not all. Why not visit our recipes page to discover how you too can create these and other culinary delights.

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