Theatres in Ukraine

Whilst many people spend their leisure time watching television, attending films at cinemas and surfing the web, there has been a form of entertainment that has spanned the centuries and is still popular today – theatre. Ukraine is certainly no exception when it comes to this. Although somewhat suppressed in the Soviet era, theatre is indeed growing in Ukraine and offers tourists a marvelous evening of entertainment.

Kiev is at the center of the theatre world in Ukraine. There are numerous venues for a variety of theatre performances scattered throughout the city. From intricate ballet and vibrant opera performances, to humorous comedy shows and alternative plays, there is something to suit everyone in Kiev. New theatre companies have come onto the scene and works are far more diversified than in the past. Unfortunately, financial restraints have hampered some development of theatre in Ukraine; however, directors are becoming more adept at obtaining sponsorships.

Comedies are most popular with local audiences and dramas often take a back seat to more light-hearted entertainment. Theatre tickets in Ukraine are relatively inexpensive and are fantastic for those traveling on a tight budget. It may, in some respects, be struggling to draw large audiences in the electronic age, but the age-old art of theatre will never die and has quite a bright future ahead of it in Ukraine.

In this section of you can find out more about the many theatres in Ukraine, which will hopefully assist you when deciding where to go for a performance or two whilst staying in the country. For those who enjoy a taste of traditional theatre and are fans of opera or ballet, the T.G. Shevchenko National Opera and Ballet Theatre is the place to go. Established back in 1867, this prestigious venue has been host to some of the greatest operas and ballets in Ukraine. Another more traditional theatre, with a splash of modern drama, is the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre. Families will have a wonderful experience at any of the performances hosted at the Kyiv State Musical Theatre for Children & Youth. For something a little different, head off to the Kiev Drama Theatre on Podol where unique and fresh performances are on offer. Other theatres in Ukraine to look out for are Theater “Koleso”, Plastic Drama Theater, Ukrainian Small Drama Theater and Les Kurbas Theatre.

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