Tourist Attractions – Everything from Religious sites to Museums and Architecture

Ukraine is a very vivid country, rich in culture and history. There is much to offer tourists, many lovely sights, traditional sounds, decadent flavor and unique smells. A wide variety of attractions in Ukraine capture the interest of tourists from the world over. One such Ukrainian attraction is St. Sophia Cathedral and Monastery, built during the 11th century. Also located in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, are attractions such as The Golden Gate, Cathedral of St. Vladimir, Museum of Ukrainian Art, Andreyev Hill, the Opera House and the Historical Museum of Ukraine.

Take a walk through time in the historical city of Lviv. In addition to the amazing architecture, visitors can explore great Ukrainian attractions including the National Museum, Antique Armory, Pharmaceutical Museum, Museum of Ethnography and Crafts, Museum of History and the Opera House of Ivan Franko. The city of Odessa is well-known for the Potemkin Stairway with its 192 steps. Odessa also boasts a beautifully decorated opera house, a statue of the Duke of Richelieu, the Archaeological Museum and the Vorontsov Palace. This is just a small sampling of the many fascinating attractions in Ukraine. Visit this wonderful country and you will soon find there is always more to discover.