Odessa Oblast – A Region of Health Resorts, Monuments and Breathtaking Coastline

The Odessa Oblast, or region, is situated along the Ukrainian seacoast on the crossroads of the international Dunaj waterways. The Dunaj-Main-Reihn channel was completed in 1992 and provides ships coming from Europe with a quick exit into the Black Sea. From there ships can make their way to the Middle Asia, Middle East and Transcaucasia. Odessa's coastline has a total of eight ports, which are connected via the international waterways to nearly six hundred other ports around the world.

The Odessa Oblast makes up a total area of 33.3 thousand square kilometers and has a total of 2491.6 thousand people occupying the region. The population is multinational and is made up of a number of ethnic groups, including Ukrainians, Russians, Moldovans and Jews. The geography of the land is fairly flat and supports mainly grass vegetation.

The Odessa Oblast borders Mykolayiv in the east, Kiroyograd and Vinnytsya in the north and Moldavia in the west. Balta, Berezivka, Kilia, Izmail, Kotovsk, Tatarbunary, Reni and Kotovsk are some of the biggest towns located within the Odessa region.

The Odessa Oblast’s highly developed industrial sector plays an important role in the Ukrainian national economy. Industries in Odessa include metalworking, machine building, light industries, chemical and petrochemical industries, machine-tool building and machine building production. The agriculture sector also contributes to the economy and provides employment opportunities for people in Odessa. The region specializes in pig and cattle breeding, poultry farming, grain, sunflowers and wine.

Odessa has a climate that results in parts of the region, especially in the south, being arid and dry. This of course affects how much of the land can be used for agricultural purposes. The region has many natural resources at hand, which contributes in making it a popular resort and health destination in Ukraine. The resorts use curative mud and mineral water springs to provide guests with natural medical processes like balneotherapy. This particular type of therapy can treat diseases of the nervous system, digestive system organs and circulatory system organs, among others, with a relatively high success rate.

The Odessa region is well worth a visit and has a number of monuments and memorials of famous figures for one to visit. The region is also well-known for its Theater of Opera and Ballet and its ancient and beautiful buildings and architecture. You can be assured that you will come away from Odessa Oblast with stunning memories and pictures in your head.

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