Train Stations in Ukraine

Visitors to Ukraine have quickly discovered that the some 22 800 kilometers of railway network in the country is one of the best ways to travel. Not only is traveling by train in Ukraine inexpensive, but it is fast and reliable. In addition, you will find that almost every city, town and village can be reached by rail but not by air, whereas traveling by bus can be time consuming. Air travel is also not that reliable since flights are frequently canceled due to bad weather conditions. Therefore, traveling by train is a very popular option. Two noteworthy train stations in Ukraine include the Lviv Rail Terminal and the Lviv Suburban Train Station.

If you wish to make use of the train stations in Ukraine you should be aware of a few facts before setting off for the nearest station. For one thing, tickets cannot be reserved to be picked up at a later date. You must purchase the ticket immediately. That said, you can book your ticket as many as 42 days before your departure date. However, you cannot book any earlier than that. This can make buying a train ticket tricky – especially during the holiday season when tickets may be sold out three or four weeks in advance. Purchasing your tickets from a railroad office can also prove difficult for a foreigner since you will need to speak Ukrainian or Russian to effectively communicate your wishes. Therefore it is often best to leave ticket buying up to your travel agent as they will be in the best position to ensure that your ticket information is correct and that your plans are not foiled by peak season traffic.

Ukrainian train stations and train carriages often run long trips and cater for luggage up to 35 kgs in weight per a passenger. Visitors may make use of the dining car, though most people prefer to take along their own food, water and snacks. You may also want to pack in toilet paper and even plastic dinnerware if you are planning to travel for a long time. You may also pay for linen and towels up front, but make sure you have enough local currency available on your person to do so. Travelers should be aware that they may be requested to show their passport and identification at any time and so should keep these items on their person. Also be careful to keep your money, documents and luggage safe to avoid them being stolen. Most people recommend not leaving your cabin for too long and locking your cabin door at night. It is also advisable that you do not accept drinks from strangers and that you use bottled water for activities such as brushing your teeth, drinking or washing up.

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