Vinnytsya Oblast – A Region of Health Resorts, Great Weather and Spectacular Landscapes

The oblast of Vinnytsya takes up an area of 26.5 thousand square kilometers and is located in the center of the Ukraine. Vinnytsya was first formed in 1932 and is now made up of twenty-seven districts, seventeen cities, 1467 villages and thirty urban style settlements. Vinnytsya, Bar, Haisyn, Koziatyn, Nemyriv and Yampil are some of the largest cities in the Vinnytsya oblast.

Vinnytsya oblast is a wonderful place to visit with over 3,5 thousand tourist attractions and sights to keep one busy. The city of Vinnytsya has many monuments that have been built in remembrance of well known people like Taras Shevchenko and M.M Kotsyubynskiy. You can learn more about Kotsyubynskiy at the M.Kozyubvnskyi Museum of Ukrainian Literature. There are also two monuments dedicated to all the victims who died during the Chernobyl disaster, among others. The city of Vinnytsya is also home to M. Pyrohov, a famous surgeon, who initiated “field surgery”. For those who are interested in learning more about M. Pyrohov and his accomplishments one can visit his personal estate. There you will have the opportunity to tour the grounds and stop-off at the vault where you can see Pyrohov’s embalmed body.

The city of Sharhorod is of great interest to visitors who have come to explore the region of Vinnytsya. One can see the St. Nicholas monastery, which was built in the 17th and 18th century. If you visit Stryzhavka you can see remnants from World War 2 and the Hitler regime. The remains of Hitler’s headquarters can still be seen as well as the communal gravesite where Hitler’s prisoners were killed by the thousands. Nemyriv is another city in Vinnytsya where you can view a monument dedicated to Nekrasov, one of the greatest Ukrainian poets. Tulchyn is where you will find the palace of Potozki and the Museum of Decembrists Movement, which took place in 1825 in Imperial Russia.

The landscape of Vinnytsya Oblast is made up of fields, groves of trees and it is where the Drister River and the Southern Buh run through. The climate is moderately continental, which means that the temperatures are relatively constant and there is no extreme weather conditions experienced in winter or summer. Many tourists are attracted to the weather conditions and the health resorts located in cities like Nemyriv and Khmelnyk. The Vinnytsya region is a definite must-see anytime of the year.

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