Cherkasy Oblast – A Region of Diverse Landscapes and Moderate Climate

The Cherkasy or Cherkassy Oblast lies in the center of Ukraine and borders four regions, which includes Poltava, Kiev, Kirovograd and Vinnytsa. The Cherkasy region is ranked the eighteenth largest oblast in Ukraine, covering 20,900 square kilometers. Smila, Kaniv, Vatutine and Zolotonosha are some of the cities found in Cherkasy, most of which are densely populated.

The geography of Cherkasy is divided into two parts. The right side of Cherkasy oblast contains the highest point of the region, which stands at 275 meters above sea level and is called the Prydniprovsky summit. There is also the swampy lowlands area called Irdyno-Tyasmynska and the Kanivski Mountains located in this area. The left side of Cherkasy region is rather flat with not a lot of gradient changes experienced. Four percent of Cherkasy is made up of water sources like lakes, bogs, rivers, artificial reservoirs and underground waters.

The Cherkasy region is rich in minerals and is made up of a combination of granite, clay, iron ore and Quartz. This region also provides a substantial amount of fuel resources, which includes large deposits of brown coal and peat. The Cherkasy oblast has a moderate, continental climate, which means that the temperatures range from 21°C to 32°C in summer and -12°C to 7°C in winter. The region is made up of both steppe vegetation, which consists mainly of short grasses, and forest-steppe. The forest-steppe in Cherkasy contains tree species such as pine, hornbeam, maple, birch and oak. There are also a wide variety of bushes contained within the forest-steppe, which includes dogrose, bird cherry, hazel grove and guelder rose.

The Cherkasy region’s population comes from one hundred and thirty different ethnic groups, which are mainly of Russian or Ukrainian origin. Tatars, Armenians, Jews, Byelorussians, Bulgarians and Moldavians are some of the ethnic groups found in this area. The native people of this region celebrate holidays throughout the year in remembrance of many important events that have occurred in Cherkasy. On January the 7th the commemorate the formation of the Cherkasy oblast; July the 28th celebrates the establishment of the Museum of Korsun-Shevchenkivska battle; and December the 3rd represents the day the Cherkasy Oblast was liberated from the German fascist invaders.

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