Rafting on Ukraine’s Dniester River

Originating near the city of Drohobych in Ukraine, the Dniester River follows a 1,362 km route on its way to the Black Sea. The river forms part of the border between Ukraine and Moldova before flowing through Moldova and then back into Ukraine where it remains until the end of its journey. There are many places of interest along the Dniester River, and a few travel options to choose from, with rafting being the perfect choice for water-loving adventurers.

Rafters can either hire equipment and explore the river on their own, or allow a tour operator to do all the organizing and simply go along for the pure adrenaline-pumping pleasure of the experience. Advantages of using experienced tour operators includes the fact that they know the area and can direct attention to various landmarks and places of interest, while ensuring the safety of all.

Tour Club Ternopil is one of the tour operators offering rafting on the Dniester River. Their two-day rafting experience starts off at the Ivano-Frankivsk railway station, with the tour group traveling to the starting point on the river where catamarans are assembled and a safety briefing takes place. The first part of the route covers 22 km from Luka to Hubyn, with one of the highlights along the way being a visit to the ruins of the Beniowski Tower near the village of Rakivets. Day two of the route travels 24 km from Hubyn to Ustechko and includes a walk to the Red Mountain which, due to its uncharacteristic warmth, stays relatively snow-free even in the harshest of winters, and is linked to a host of local legends. The tour group will also visit the 16m high Dzuryn Waterfall where they can swim in the pool below, which is referred to as the Dniester Jacuzzi.

The five-day “Fairytale” tour starts in Ternopil and includes Horyhlyady, Kosmyryn, Rakivets, Beremyany, Ustechko, and ends at the Dzuryn Waterfall. Sights along the way include the Under the Thought Cave, the 19th century Badenya’s Castle, the Virgin’s Tears Waterfall, Beniowski Tower, Red Mountain and Helmit’s Cave.

The pace of the river varies from tranquil to fast-flowing as the terrain changes, offering both excitement and relaxation. Certainly rafting on the Dniester River is a great way to explore some of Ukraine’s picturesque scenery and have a whole lot of fun in the process.