Smila – Agricultural Mecca and Natural Gem

Ukraine is a fascinating country to visit with so much to see and experience. Ukraine covers an area of 603,700 sq meters and has a population of 52 million. Countries such as Russia, Belarus, Romania and Poland border Ukraine. The climate of Ukraine is varied with areas enjoying a moderate-continental climate which is almost sub-tropical. The largest river of Ukraine is the Dnipro, which is 2201 km in length, and of which 981 km flows through Ukraine. The largest mountain system in Ukraine is the Carpathian Mountains that extend for more than 270 km and are 100-110 km wide. The highest peak is the Hoverlya at 2061 m. This amazing country has many small villages and towns that beg knowing, and one such destination is Smila.

Smila has a population of 100,000 people and is situated in one of the richest agricultural areas of Ukraine. Smila is known to produce wheat and sugar as its major crops, and also provides pork and beef to the surrounding areas. It is one of the most successful agricultural territories in Ukraine. Not far from Smila is the city Cherkasy, just a 30 minute drive away. Cherkasy had its earliest start from the 7th to the 3rd century and at the beginning of the new era Slavic tribes settled in this territory which later became part of Ukraine. In 1239-40 these lands were overwhelmed by the Tatatrs and by the second half of the 14th century they came under Lithuanian rule. The history of Cherkasy region is closely connected with the struggle of the Zaporozhian Kozaks in the years 1648-54. Cherkasy region is situated on both banks of the Dnipro River in the forest belt of central Ukraine and the right-bank part of the region lies in the Dnipro Upland. The left-bank part of the region lies in the Dnipro Lowland.

You will love this area of down-to-earth people and the adorable houses in the ecologically clean area of Smila with its fresh air and sparkling waters – a real Ukrainian treasure.

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