Activities – Rock Climbing, Cycling and so much more

As in any country, there are many activities in Ukraine that visitors can enjoy. These cater to both mild and wild tastes and the more you look, the more you will find. There is so much to do in Ukraine that you may even have a tough time trying to decide what sort of Ukrainian activities you’d most like to try. It is advisable that you choose carefully since the activity should suit both your personality and your state of health in order to be enjoyed to the fullest.

One very popular activity in Ukraine is that of cycling. Whether you are cycling from one village to the next or you are trying your hand at guiding a mountain bike through the rugged terrain easily found in the wilderness areas of Ukraine, you will find that cycling is a great activity to partake in. There are quite a number of cycling shops in Ukraine which are willing to offer you the loan of a bike for such occasions. If you wish to enjoy cycling in Ukraine, you may want to ask your travel guide to suggest the best place to hire a bicycle as well as the best place to go cycling or mountain biking. Another great activity in Ukraine is that of rock climbing. This adrenaline-pumping sport is not for everyone since it requires physical strength and good health. Of course it also helps if you are not afraid of heights. There are a number of great spots which are perfect for recreational rock climbing in Ukraine and once again, the best way to find them is probably through your travel agent.

Visitors may also want to explore the possibilities of scuba diving, horse riding, skiing, carting, yachting, swimming and sunbathing. Of course, it helps if you already have some skill in these specific activities since it is time consuming to try and learn about the activity before you even have a chance to attempt it. Scuba diving in Ukraine, especially, requires that you be a licensed scuba diver and in good health. Spelunking is also a popular activity that requires that you to have a diving license. There are a number of great underwater caves all over the Ukraine just waiting to be discovered, so take the plunge and see how many you can navigate your way through with the assistance of a qualified guide.