Theatre, Museums, Handicrafts and Hiking Trails in Vinnytsya

History shows that Prince Algirdas of Lithuania discovered Vinnytsya in 1363. Today, Vinnytsya is major agricultural area where fertilizers are produced. In addition to this, they are also known for their production of electronics, agricultural equipment, light engineering, clothing and footwear industries. Sugar production in Vinnytsya is also a major production. The Bershad sugar factory was constructed in 1827, and was one of the first sugar refiners in the vicinity.

Vinnytsya has many attractions for visitors to come and see. There are a number of intresting Ukrainian theatres where you are welcome to see whats on show. Vinnytsya is also famous for their folk handicrafts, such as pottery, embroidery, weaving and carpet-making. Also, if you enjoy walking, there are some stunning trails in the area where you could go for a slow stroll and appreciate the quiet surroundings.

Well-known names of many outstanding people come out of Vinnytsya. It is the birthplace of the famous Ukrainian writer, Kotsyubynskiy, and the composer Tchaikovsky visited the region frequently.

Vinnytsya also has a wonderful museum that was established in 1918 and boasts a collection over 90 thousand antique articles on display. You will see the remains of sea animals that were once found in the territory of Vinnytchina, particularly the trydaknus gygantus and cephalopoda mollusk acantocerosus. This display is said to prove that the seas at one time covered this region long ago. Also on show is the mammoth skeleton that was found at the village of Olgopyl in the Chechelnytskiy region. It has been said the remains have been in the ground for around 30 thousand years. Vinnytsya Museum also displays extremely rare kinds of birds and animals. Among them are the musquash, dappled deer, and the pheasant. The museum’s collection is an amazing heritage that tells us so much about the origin of this unique area, when the people appeared in this region, the way they lived and the clothes they wore, as well as the tools they used in order to build up the land. These people have a rich cultural heritage with traditions that they have kept for many centuries. Come to Vinnytsya for some relaxation as well as to learn some of its amazing history.

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