Nature Adventures in the Surrounding Landscapes of Irshava

Irshava is located in the west of Ukraine and can be found in the province of Zakarpattya. The town of Irshava lies close to the volcanic Ukrainian Carpathians, which are part of the southwestern range of the Carpathian Mountains. The town also lies close to the Irshava River. In the Irshavsky district, Irshava is the administrative center, or the main town, which is linked to the Ukrainian Government and any of its activities.

The town of Irshava has a population of over 10, 000, of which the population is made up of Slovaks, Hungarians, Rusyns, Russians and Ukrainians. The Zakarpattya oblast is well known for its medicinal clinics, which attract hundreds of tourists to the region. There are many travel and excursion agencies in the area that provide tourists with packages which include a trip to the medicinal clinics that use the natural medicinal resources found in this region.

The town has a number of industrial plants and factories, which provide a lot of the residents in Irshava with jobs. The industrial sector includes abrasive plants, food-processing plants, a furniture factory, an industrial machine repair plant and cotton textile mills. The mines in the Irshava area are mainly lignite coal, marble and limestone mines.

While visiting Irshava take the opportunity to visit the picturesque Transcarpathia region. The Transcarpathia region is located between the Carpathian Mountains and the Hungarian border and covers an area of 5,040 square miles, or 12,900 square kilometers. The Transcarpathia is a beautiful area with a large variety of plant species, many of which are unique to this part of the country. Some 45% of the region is made up of forested areas, which covers as much as 500,000 hectares of land. These forested areas are rich in tree and plant species with over 2,000 different tree and plant species.

Apart from the spectacular beauty of the Transcarpathia region, tourists are offered a number of outdoor activities like horse riding, rafting, cycling and hikes. These activities also provide tourists with a great way of viewing the geography of the land and all it has to offer. If these activities seem too strenuous then there is also the automobile and railway option. Your visit to Irshava and the Transcarpathia region is full of memories for you to take home and well worth the visit.

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