Kirovohrad Oblast – Home to Three Nominated Seven Wonders of Ukraine

Located in central Ukraine, the Kirovohrad Oblast has the city of the same name as its administrative center, and incorporates the city of Dobrovelychkivka, which is said to lie in the exact center of the country. With beautiful rivers and lakes, scenic hills and valleys, vast fields of cultivated sunflowers shining yellow in the sun, gigantic old trees in dense forests, historic architecture and a temperate climate, Kirovohrad Oblast has much to offer visitors exploring the fascinating country of Ukraine.

Kirovohrad Oblast has a number of interesting places to visit, including three sites nominated for the Seven Wonders of Ukraine initiative in 2007, where citizens voted for what they believed to be the country’s most worthwhile attractions. Although Kirovohrad Oblast’s nominated attractions – Khutur Nadia Museum, Saint Elizabeth Fortress and Oblast Art Museum – did not make the final list, they are nevertheless well worth exploring. The Saint Elizabeth Fortress hosts trade fairs regularly each year, so in addition to its historical value, it remains an important trade center.

Other attractions in Kirovohrad Oblast include Ukraine’s first theater known as the M.Kropyvnytskyy Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre, as well as the Kirovohrad Regional Museum of Local Lore and K. Szymanowski Museum of Music Culture, all of which are found in the city of Kirovohrad. The city of Oleksandria is home to the Museum of Peace and the Municipal Museum of Local Lore.

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