Cities of Ukraine

If you’re looking to travel somewhere new, why not try Ukraine? This fascinating country is filled with history, culture, natural beauty and great architecture. It is relatively easy to get to by air and is already well developed for tourism. There are a number of great Ukrainian destinations worth seeing, which will transport your mind to a whole new dimension. Top of the list are the numerous cities which each offer their own unique set of attractions and activities.

Most visitors to Ukraine will start their travels in Kiev, the country’s capital. The country enjoys a great mixture of old and new and has been strongly influenced by both Western and European customs. Kiev is primarily a modern city, but it boasts many fine older attractions such as the St Sophia Cathedral and Monastery which was built in the 11th century. The city is somewhat cosmopolitan due to the large number of students from other parts of the world who have taken up residency here. Kiev also has a lot to see and do and you will be able to spend days here just enjoying the sights and taking in the culture.

Yalta began life as an ancient Greek colony. Situated on the Black Sea on the southern tip of the Crimea, Yalta is popular with vacationers due to its mild climate and stunning, wooded surrounds. Besides vineyards and orchards, Yalta also has lush green areas and rugged beaches. It is primarily a resort area where a number of towns and cities are clustered together to make good use of the pleasant climate. Apart from simply enjoying the climate and landscape, visitors to Yalta can enjoy a number of restaurants, cafés, bars and night clubs, as well as a few live performances and plenty of great shops.

A world away from the tranquility of Yalta, Odessa is Ukraine’s 5th largest city. Its architecture has been strongly influenced by French and Italian styles and visitors can be forgiven for feeling that the town looks a bit odd in the midst of Ukraine. Coupled with the architecture are warm beaches, great weather and well shaded streets and squares. Odessa enjoys a thriving economy and is a centre for industry, science and culture. It has unlimited opportunities for the average tourist and is a great place to spend a holiday.

Clearly there are a large number of great destinations in Ukraine to enjoy. Why not navigate your way to some of our other pages on Ukrainian cities and find out more about this fabulous country!

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