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Crimea in Ukraine has changed rulers and occupiers so many times most would have lost count by now. But the continuous fight for Crimea has led to this peninsula having the richest and most diverse history of any other destination in Ukraine. Here visitors will hear the stories of the Goths, Cimmerians, Mongols, Greeks, Huns and Iranians, who have all left their mark on Crimea. Even the Nazi’s tried their hand at ruling Crimea during World War II. To be surrounded in history, nostalgia and breathtaking sights, Crimea in Ukraine is the ideal destination.

On 5 May 1992, Crimea won their independence to have their own government, while remaining a part of Ukraine. Simferopol is the capital of Crimea and has a strong population of approximately 1.9 million residents. Although Crimean Tatars are native to this part of Ukraine, they only make up about 13% of the present population. Most of them were forced to leave Crimea under Russia’s rule and that of Stalin’s iron fist. Due to its location on the Black Sea, many conflicts arose after Ukraine declared their independence from Russia. And to add to the frustrations, the Crimean
Tartars wanted their land back.

Crimea, as seen today, is divided into fourteen districts that fall within twenty-five regions and are overseen by eleven municipalities. Many cities within these regions play vital roles in the mechanics of the Crimean peninsula. Dzhankov is a significant railway city and Eupatoria takes on the diverse role of resort, railway connection and a major port city. Yalta is one of the busiest tourist destinations, while Bakhchisaray is steeped in historical importance. Tourist destinations such as Sudak, Noviy Svet, Alushta, Feodosiya and Staryi Kym are important to the economy. Tourism is not the only industry in Crimea, as it produces various products such as fruit, livestock, metal, fertilizers, fish, tobacco and leather.

Crimea is known as the most favored destination in Ukraine for rock climbing, hiking, sightseeing, mountain biking, windsurfing, horseback riding and many other outdoor activities. Sightseeing enthusiasts can look forward to the Lastochkino, also known as the Swallow’s Nest, a medieval castle that looms over a rocky cliff and was constructed in the years 1911 to 1912. The Meadow of Fairy Tales (Polyana Kazok) near Yalta, is a popular attraction filled with approximately 200 different sculptures created by local artists. It also has many charming restaurants, picturesque beaches and a vibrant nightlife.

There is no end to the sights and attractions in Crimea, with each relic and building having its own unique story to tell. Crimea is a destination filled with adventure, history, excitement and honor. It is a part of Ukraine that has a pleasant surprise waiting around each corner.

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