Zhytomyr Oblast – A Region of Adventurous Landscapes and Leading Industrial Sector

The Zhytomyr Oblast is located to the northern side of Ukraine and was founded in on 22 September 1937. The Zhytomyr Oblast covers an area of approximately 30 000 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 1.3 million residents. Some parts of the Zhytomyr Oblast falls within the Chernobyl Zone. Villages and small towns within this area have been devastated by the effects of the disaster and cannot produce their own agricultural products.

Zhytomyr Oblast is a known as a mining and industrial region in Ukraine, with its income mainly reliant on exports. The region concentrates on the mining of stone and granite, but is also involved in the manufacturing of machinery, agricultural production and forestry. The Zhytomyr Oblast is divided into twenty-three districts, each with their own businesses and industries. There are five cities within the region that have their own districts, namely Korosten, Malyn, Berdychiv, Novohrad-Volynskyi, Zhytomyr and Baranivska.

The stone that is mined from this oblast in Ukraine is generally used for construction purposes. The region has an abundant supply of granite, facing stone, quartzites and labradorite. Semi-precious stones are also mined here, namely topaz, beryl, quartz and piezoelectric quartz crystal. The agricultural sector and that of the industries in this region flourish due to the unlimited water supply, forestry, minerals, fertile soils and raw materials that are found here.

The agricultural sector of this region concentrates mainly on milk, cereal crops, meats, sugar beets, chicory, hops and flax. The forestry division of the Zhytomyr Oblast is proud of the woodland, as the resources here are the oldest in Ukraine, with dominant species such as Alders, Aspens, Birches and Oak. All the industries in the region are extremely diversified with products such as medical supplies, construction materials, porcelain, stone, machinery, leather, food processing, metal, packaging, tools, furniture, clothing, footwear, chemicals and many more.

The Zhytomyr Oblast is very successful in its business and industrial sectors, but each town, village and city within the region has its own unique features to share with visitors. There are many attractions, noteworthy sights and breathtaking landscapes waiting for the adventurous at heart.

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