Chernivtsi Oblast – Filled with Spectacular Hiking Trails and Natural Appeal

The Chernivtsi Oblast might be one of the smallest oblasts in Ukraine, but it is also one of the most picturesque regions of the country. Overflowing with natural wonder and beauty, the Chernivtsi Oblast is a popular escape for nature and trekking enthusiasts. Created on 7 August 1940, the region has always relied on agriculture for its economy, and breathtaking farms of rolling green hills decorate the landscapes from one town to the next. The Carpathian Mountains that loom over the Chernivtsi Oblast complete the picture of incomparable magnificence.

The major industries in the Chernivtsi Oblast include wood work, food processing, oil production, vegetables, cattle and poultry, grain, sugar beet and potatoes. There is more to the region than industry and inspiring landscapes, as each town and village has their own unique attractions and activities for visitors to explore. Three of the major attractions in the region are the Kozmodemyanivska church, the Khotyn Fortress and the Bukovynian Mytropolyt Residency. The Chernivtsi Oblast is a truly wonderful region to discover.

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