Rivne Oblast – Beautiful Region of Nuclear Importance

Not many people think of traveling to the smaller cities and towns of Ukraine when they start making their travel plans. This is usually because these other parts of the country are lesser known and it is difficult to find out if there are any nice tourist attractions to view at these locations. However, one should always keep in mind that Ukraine is a very beautiful place filled with friendly people and no matter where you go, you will always enjoy the view, the culture and the people. Such is the case with the towns in the Rivne Oblast, as well as many of the other smaller regions of Ukraine.

The Rivne oblast is roughly 20 100 square kilometers in size. While this is a more or less average size for an oblast in Ukraine, the population density of the Rivne Region is quite high when compared to other oblasts. The area is home to more than 1.2 million people, which means that the population density for the region is quite a bit higher than that found in other regions. A large percentage of these people live in the region’s administrative center, the city of Rivne. Just as with many other Ukrainian oblasts, the region was named for its ‘capital’ city and one may find it being referred to as either the Rivnenska Oblast or as Rivnenshchyna.

It is interesting to note that the region was created in 1939 as part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (Ukraine SSR). It currently features 16 different districts as well as four city municipalities. The districts, or ‘Raions’ are: Bereznivskyi, Demydiyskyi, Dubenskyi, Dubrovytskyi, Hoschchanskyi, Koretskyi, Kostopilskyi, Mlynivskyi, Ostrozkyi, Radyvylivskyi, Rivnenskyi, Rokytnivskyi, Sarnenskyi, Zarichnenskyi and Zdolbunivskyi. The cities are Dubno, Ostroh, Kuznetsovsk and, of course, Rivne. The Rivne Region is also home to a nuclear power plant and many of the people living here work at this plant. The only way to learn more about this small part of Ukraine is to visit it yourself – so give the Rivne Oblast a try the next time you tour Ukraine. You never known what you might find!

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