Sumy Oblast – A Popular Region of Nature and Industry

The Sumy Oblast covers an area of approximately 23.8 thousand square kilometers. It is a region that is younger than some of its villages and towns, but is one of the remarkably beautiful regions in Ukraine. It is evident through the discoveries made by archaeologists that people inhabited this region almost 15 thousand years ago, but as for the Sumy Oblast, it was founded in the year 1939.

The Sumy Oblast has continued to develop over the years and is home to more than 1.5 million residents. But it is the forests, abundance of water and nature that keep locals in the Sumy Oblast, and attracts visitors from all over the world. The town of Sumy is the center for the region, which was founded in the year 1652. With so many attempts to overrun, destroy and attack the town in the past, it is amazing that architectural wonders, such as the 1702 Voskresenskaya Church, are still standing today. Major cities, such as Romny, Shotstka, Hlukhiv, Konotop and Okhtyrka, play a significant role in the history and the economy of the region.

The Sumy Region depends largely on its agricultural products for its economy. Sugar mills started appearing in the oblast from about 1831, with paper mills and cloth factories following soon thereafter. Various industries have flourished in this region including agricultural machine construction, engineering, electronics, mining, medicine, gas and chemicals.
In addition, the region exports large amounts of potatoes, eggs, meat, milk, grain, sugar beets and sunflower seeds. The region is also very successful
in the mining of mineral products such as glass sand, stone, potash salt, marl, lime and Phosphates.

With no less than 165 rivers flowing through this spectacular piece of land, the Sumy Oblast lures many nature enthusiasts. The forests are dense and breathtaking and visitors are guaranteed to see many different tree species and various forms of wildlife. Most tourists enjoy these reserve areas for their tranquility and beauty, while others enjoy them for the mystery they seem to hold. What ever your reason for visiting the Sumy Region might be, it is an area that does not disappoint. It is also one of the many oblasts in Ukraine that is able to move forward in modernization, without having to destroy the landscape or forget the past.

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