Kyiv State Musical Theater – Catering for Adults and Children

When we think of theatres we generally think of a place that produces shows which are predominantly designed to cater for adults and although children and teenagers do attend, productions are never really designed with only this part of the audience in mind.

However, here at the Kyiv State Musical Theater for Children and Youths the concept of adult-orientated entertainment has changed greatly. Here the needs of the younger generation are given preference when deciding which shows and educational productions should be performed at the theatre. This has lead to the creation of some of the greatest entertainment and educational productions for children in Ukraine. This fact is projected by the high esteem that is given to the musical events and shows. In particular, when looking back into the history of the Kyiv Musical Theater and its past productions, one of the most memorable is that of the innovative ‘Boys and Youth Chorus of Kyiv’, which was performed by the M.V.Lysenka Specialized Secondary Musical Boarding School. This illustrious school has been in existence since 1948 when it was first established and continues to be successful; holding performances all over the Ukraine.

The chorus is made up of 55 young, determined and highly gifted artists. Their objective: to become part of the privileged and select few who will become the future’s top professional choir conductors. Once completing their education at the Specialized Secondary Musical School they progress to become students of the famed choral-conducting department at the ‘National P.I.Tchaikovsky Musical Academy’ where they perform in bass and tenor parts.

It is through this school that many of the brilliant conductors that surround us have been taught and have obtained professional training. This in turn has allowed them to become masters in the area of choir art and head some of the most outstanding musical collectives in all of Ukraine.

Over a 100 compositions are examined and explored with a wide range of styles from different periods in history. This includes classical music, variations of colorful folk songs, vocal and choral masterpieces and the works of contemporary composers. It is thus not unlikely for visitors to hear concertos by: M.Berezovskiy, A.Vedel, V.Mozart cantatas, D.Bortnyanskiy, K. Stetzenko, F.Schubert Masses, and Requiem by G.Faurre as some of the few examples.

It was in early 1998 that the Choir finally performed at the Kyiv State Theater for Children and Youths. Here they performed concerts combining the talents of the symphonic orchestra and the school choir. With such a talented program it is not unusual for those in attendance to realize that they have just witnessed one of the best symphonic pieces by remarkable composers such as J. Rossini, D.Verdi, G.Donitzetti, P.Tchaikovsky and I. Strauss.

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