L-Art Gallery – The window to Soviet Realism Artworks

If you enjoy viewing more classically styled art, a visit to the L-Art Gallery in Ukraine is never a bad idea. Sometimes also viewed as being a ‘socialist realism’ gallery because of its strong preference for this kind of art, the L-Art Gallery offers a broad selection of excellent realism artworks. In fact, the L-Art Gallery has literally hundreds of paintings from the Soviet period on display. Their extensive collection features the top paintings from all art genres and regions of Ukraine.

The L-Art Gallery is growing in popularity mainly because of its choice to work so extensively with Soviet realism artists and artworks. This is because this period of the country’s history is relatively short, so you will not find very many examples of Soviet realism in galleries across the country or the world. Hence the value of artwork dating back to this period is incredibly high, while the artworks themselves are incredibly beautiful. But just what makes a painting a ‘Soviet realism’ artwork? At one stage in the history of the Soviet State, certain styles of artwork were patronized in order to help create an image of an ideal future. By limiting the freedom of expression of artists and their exposure to other global art influences at the time, the State was able to strongly encourage a few recognized artists to use art in order to further the State’s ideals. It was hoped that this would then go a long way towards encouraging people to work harder and be more socially active in an effort to help achieve and maintain these Soviet ideals. Thus, while the world around them progressed and changed, those living in the Soviet Union remained imprisoned by realism traditions and the penalty of refusing to abide by and support such ideals.

Despite their positive association with such art, the L-Art Gallery does not work exclusively with Soviet Realism artworks. They also display artworks by more modern artists in order to keep up with current trends. In line with this, large exhibitions are usually held at least once a month in order to attract visitors, critics and favorable exposure. You will find that L-Art Gallery at 2B Andriyivsky Uzviz in Kiev. Situated near the entrance to this complex, the L-Art Gallery often catches the eye of many who pass. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 11:00 and 20:00 and closed on Mondays. So visit the L-Art Gallery and learn more about the unique world of Socialist realism.

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